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Seed Money
Soft Cap
Middle Cap
Hard Cap
The POXO Token

A native means of exchange and governance of the Sparkso ecosystem, POXO is an ERC-20 utility token built in the Polygon network (MATIC) and validated as such by the Luxembourg authorities.

Non Inflationary Token

420 000 000 tokens issued ad vitam aeternam

Listed Token

The POXO token will be listed on exchanges
ICO Fundraising Targets
At a minimum, a Small Cap of €2 million, allowing us to carry out the projects of the Sparkso Generation One.
A Middle Cap of €4.5 million, guaranteeing the support of the token price and the implementation of Generation Two Sparkso projects.
Ideally, a €10 million Hard Cap, introducing Metaverse and AI into Generation One Sparkso projects.
  • Token Name:
  • Token Ticker:
  • ICO Token Sales:
    ~161 000 000
  • Total Supply:
    420 000 000
  • Entry Ticket:
    Min €200 equivalent
  • ICO End:

Here under the Sparkso Generation One milestones. The roadmap for Generation Two will be released later.

Token Allocation

Tokens allocated to the founders and advisors are subject to a 4-year distribution period. In order to keep the commitment of all the stakeholders during the Sparkso Generation One, cliff and vesting will be introduced.

  • ICO Token sales
  • Rewards (TGE)
  • Incoming Rewards
  • MarCom & Business Dev
  • IT Development
  • Treasury
  • Seed
  • Advisors
  • Team
Total Token Supply
ICO Token Sales
Total Rewards
Breakdown of Token Sale

The token sale will be broken down into 4 phases according to the fundraising targets.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4

Token Economy

Read our Token Economy to identify all the parameters of the ICO that will guide you in your POXO purchase process. Download our booklet!

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