Bénédicte Coudert

Chief Executive Officer
21 Years
About me

I am lucky to do what I love to do and care about; to create, to design, to set up a project from scratch for several months with a team where we are all complementary.

As an entrepreneur, I had already worked on projects with an associate but never on an international project with several associates based in different countries. And here I was able to make beautiful encounters and launch myself with determination into the creation of Sparkso.

The Blockchain journey

Very early in my career, sales and negotiation that attracted me and led me to quickly become a sales manager, in the web sector, then in technology and HRIS. I realized to what extent HR issues and more specifically those of recruitment determine the survival of a company.

So I am passionate and try to help customers respond to them by creating my first company Beright.
But when the covid crisis hit us hard a few months later, I had to find new leverages for commercial development. I faced on several occasions with the dilemma of finding right person in right place at the right time.

It was during those challenging time, that the idea of creating the Partnerplace Spirlso occurred, which responds to the need for companies to quickly find new levers of growth via automated partnerships.
We therefore decided with my partners to integrate the Blockchain into Spirlso, in order to benefit from the advantages of Smart Contracts and their proven usefulness on the market.

We then founded Sparkso, Sparkso which will be the Marketplace of Ideasallowing services and applications of all types to be able to benefit from the advantages of the Blockchain and to democratize its use in our collaborative modes.
I am very proud and very happy to be the Co-founder and to be able to contribute to this business project.