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Sparkso Executive Summary

Sparkso’s ambition is to become the leading marketplace for services delivered in Web3 by societal projects with impact. “Tomorrow’s world will be decentralised”; this is the credo that drives us. We believe that many projects offering B2B/B2C services, although “game changers” in nature, are in danger of missing this shift to Web3 because they are not sufficiently aware of how Blockchain will impact so much of business protocol in the future. These projects are limiting their potential for success, in the longer term, by allowing those competitors, that do grasp the relevance of decentralisation through Blockchain and Web3 technology, to move ahead of them in their respective markets.

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Sparkso Lite Paper

The Sparkso approach consists of selecting projects with a high societal impact, targeting key areas of interest – education, social, business, employment, Web3, etc. Projects that would gain stature and development potential by being implemented in the Sparkso marketplace and benefiting from its shared ecosystem (economies of scale, multi-community and unified user experience), in addition to the decentralisation, smart contract, NFT and metaverse functions/tools provided by the Blockchain.

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