Ghilas Benkhemou

Chief Innovation Officer
9 years
About me

I am a maximalist of decentralization. Having only vaguely heard of Bitcoin in its infancy, I had the chance, unlike some, to discover the Blockchain and its underpinnings before cryptocurrencies. Indeed, it was the advent of Ethereum and the revolutionary emergence of dApps that then activated my interest in this nascent ecosystem, in this paradigmatic shift… After this discovery, there followed a fortuitous participation in the international competition “Atos IT Challenge”, which honored the Blockchain in this year 2016; my team and I were shortlisted to develop a project in international trade.

My journey to Sparkso

It was from this precise moment that the idea of undertaking in this field settled in my mind… but the real opportunity only presented itself in February 2021, with the creation of Sparkso. In the meantime, I was able to sharpen my knowledge and, above all, take the necessary distance from any innovation that causes a stir.

My atypical career, ranging from executive in different contexts of the banking sector in Algeria to project manager and consultant in information systems in France, has allowed me to develop a great versatility as well as a certain adaptability. And I am convinced that these aspects of my career have mainly contributed to fostering my appetite for entrepreneurship.

My vision of the world of tomorrow adheres to the principles of holacracy, advocating structures totally free from the pyramidal model of governance which, today, is running out of steam from all points of view, in particular on the question of our relationship to value under its different prisms (work-value, utility-value, scarcity-value). With Sparkso, I will do my best to infuse these principles with method, pragmatism and, hopefully, success.