David Rapanoël

Chief Business Officer
22 years
About myself

I have over twenty years global investment banking experience. I worked in fund management, risk management, consultancy and advisory roles which gave me the opportunity to work on several large-scale transformation programs from bonds issuance program to implementation of risk management systems. I have since held business international business development roles for several large-scale IT companies to tech start-ups. I co-founded Sparkso in 2021, and I am Director of Sparkso.

How I get involved in Blockchain ecosystem?

After a master’s degree in finance and insurance from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, I was a junior economist trainee. I was very fond of developing trading algorithm on stocks market & Forex. I follow the tech industry to invest and trade as the return was good, and those companies had huge potential. Then 10 years ago, I heard about Bitcoin and crypto currencies, I noticed than they behaved like FX, I resumed trading bots’ development on BTC.

At first glance, it looked like any other Forex Currencies, but it was a mistake and I lost money, so I started to check what was behind those cryptos. I discovered the huge potential of the blockchain.

Why I joined Sparkso?

As I held business development advisory roles for tech start-ups, I met many entrepreneurs with great ideas, wonderful projects that unfortunately failed. So I asked myself why ?  I came to the conclusion that it was because they didn’t had access to the right person at the right time. They didn’t have these persons in their connections. That was the dilemma:  to find someone you don’t know but you can trust.

Here comes the blockchain with its transparency and smart contracts! Sparkso was born! Bring trust between people!